Technical Details - Poolar - The pool covering

Technical Details

Technical Details

Stainless Steel Design

POOLAR pool coverings are made almost entirely of stainless steel. This provides the necessary stability for use as terrace surface and protects against corrosion.


The key switch makes the drive easy to operate and secures against unwanted activation.

Electrical Drive & Motor

The whisper-quiet electric drive is a proven in-house development, which enables more than just convenient opening and closing: The integrated lock reliably prevents unauthorised opening, which ensures maximum safety.

Insulating Effect

The included brush seals repel fouling and insects, and they repel strong draught air across the water, which prevents high levels of heat loss.

Running Direction & Partitions

The POOLAR pool covering is able to be constructed as a lateral-running (along the short side of the pool) or as a lengthwise-running (along the long side of the pool) design. The covering may be  used as a single section or in multiple segments. This allows the POOLAR pool covering to fit perfectly into nearly any garden situation.

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