Step height: approx. 28 cm

The “Skirt” model was developed for freshwater pools that are not installed flush with the floor as well as for the ever-popular swim spas. It features control elements for a counter-current system and massage jets in the protruding border at the pool’s edge.

With a step height of 28 cm, it can cover overhanging pool edges of max. 8 cm. Like for the “Step” model, the maximum pool size for this model is 6 x 3 m.

The “Skirt” model features a motor as well as the modular drainage system and the ready-to-finish wooden substructure. All POOLAR motors are self-locking in order to prevent unauthorised persons from manually moving the deck.

The operation of the motor via a wireless key switch - preferably installed in line of sight of the water surface - is another important safety aspect.

In an emergency, the motor can be manually unlocked using a lockable access point.