Step height: approx. 20 - 32 cm

The pool deck model “Superior” is identical in construction to the “Salina” and retains all of its advantages, including V2A stainless steel. This results in a cost-effective solution for freshwater pools with all the Salina’s technical features:

This model also boasts adjustable factory-made prestressing, as well as the drainage of surface water and reduction of evaporating or cooling pool water.

The choice of motor is the same as for the “Salina”:

The moveable, covered and built-in wheel drive as well as the remote module is supplied with electricity via batteries. The batteries are reliably and sustainably charged every day using integrated photovoltaic panels. Another option is the toothed belt drive with 230V AC, which is fixed and protected within the shaft. The same principle of the “Salina” applies for the “Superior”:

The customer’s wishes are POOLAR’s top priority!

We are happy to implement additions to the pool deck such as glass railing as guard rails, mounts for sun sails, etc.

From manufacturing special heights for a level transition to your existing patio to planning special requests for a pool deck that is tailored to your needs.