SUITABLE FOR: year-round use

Step height: approx. 24 - 28 cm

We at POOLAR have a solution for whirlpools that are in use all year round:

An accessible pool deck made of V4A stainless steel in the tried-and-true POOLAR design built according to your wishes. It is suitable for coverings made of genuine and artificial wood as well as stone or stoneware.

Our whirlpool decks are also fitted with a tailored internal insulator.

This insulator can be lowered to the pool’s edge and reliably seals the water area using an all-round lip seal, which greatly reduces heat loss, particularly in the winter and when the seasons change.

Upon request, this type of deck can also be fully motorised for the purpose of moving the deck as well as for the lifting and lowering mechanism of the insulator. A key-operated switch with a dead man’s switch in line of sight of the water surface guarantees safe operation.