SUITABLE FOR: saltwater pools

Step height: approx. 20 - 32 cm

The Salina model pushes the boundaries of what is possible. With a maximum self-supported span of 14 m, it can cover pools up to 13.5 m. The “Salina” is ideal for salt water pools and year-round use due to the exclusive use of components made of high-quality V4A stainless steel.

In order to fulfil static requirements, the entire structure is prestressed, which means that the spanning supports are slightly raised in the middle.

This is reduced after the weights on the cover are installed and can later be raised or lowered using a sophisticated mechanism. This facilitates a reliable and long-lasting design that can be visually adapted and allows for flooring made of genuine or artificial wood as well as stone or stoneware.

The entire framework structure is completely encapsulated at the top so that the surface water is reliably diverted to the sides due to the elevated centre and the pool water is prevented from evaporating or cooling down.

The flooring, which will be protected from moisture, can be applied onto the interlayer with the necessary substructure. Installation options for the side panelling are provided by the manufacturer as well.

Regarding the motor, the options are a covered and built-in wheel drive powered by a battery/photovoltaic system or a toothed belt drive that is recessed into the shaft, permanently fixed, and supplied with power externally.

A key-operated switch with a dead man’s switch that is in line of sight of the water surface guarantees safe operation.

We are happy to incorporate any special wishes you may have such as preparation for the flooring, a guardrail with glass railing, or umbrella holders permanently mounted to the structure.

POOLAR takes on the entire project of the pool deck in coordination with the involved companies, for example from the planning of the foundation to the assembly and start-up.